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Founder's story

Hi, and welcome!

I’m Ward, founder of The Book Review Company.

I have 25 years’ marketing & sales experience, having built leading brand and marketing agency Brand & Soul from scratch, and I have always been inspired by the greatest marketing & sales minds.

Whatever the opportunity or challenge my company or client was facing, I always found inspiration when reading the right marketing & sales book. But I knew that I still wasn’t reading enough, because it was hard to find exactly what I needed from the range of titles out there.

Realizing how time-consuming it is to find just the right selection, I decided to create something systematic to help. Starting with Expert Marketer Magazine in 2012 - which proved a source of inspiration for marketing & sales guru Philip Kotler - and the Marketing Book of the Year award, I then developed the M&SB concept in 2014.

Reading is such a great way to learn about new approaches, find out what works from case studies, and pick up practical tips to improve your practice. You can do it anywhere, at any time. It’s more cost-efficient and flexible than attending seminars and events, and you don’t have to sit in traffic or wait for a train.

Books are also handy to keep around and refer back to. Whether a printed book on your desk or an e-book on your mobile device suits you best, I have made it my mission to make it easier for you to find and read the best selection of marketing & sales books available.

Building on the succes of M&SB, we launched L&MB, Leadership and Management Books early 2015.
Same concept, same mission and vision but different subjects. 

We hope you enjoy both of our brands and the books we select and analyse. It is our mission to inspire you and make you succeed in your career both on a business as on a personal level.
We welcome any feedback and suggestions to further optimise our offering. 

Yours in good reading,

Ward Vandorpe
Founder M&SB