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Marketing Anno 2015

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Welcome to the Marketing Book Anno 2015.
It is with great pleasure that we can offer you a status of the latest marketing thinking in one comprehensive book covering most of the trending marketing subjects.

12 different subjects, 12 different chapters, 12 different authors, all in one book.

And not of the least, all those books and authors were finalist in the Marketing Book of the Year competition 2015. The award finally went to The Customer Culture Imperative by Dr Linden Brown and Chris Brown. You can read a chapter from their book further in the ebook.

Every book is presented in the way we review all books on M&SB. An analytical review on key words, audience, geographical relevance and content & style helps you finding the right book for you at any particular time. A free chapter, contents and a book presentation by the author completes the way we present the books to our audience on our website. Furthermore, members can interact with the authors in a forum.

We hope the many ideas in this book will inspire you in your daily strategic and tactic marketing activities. We like to thank all our authors and their publishers for granting us the authorisation to publish a chapter of their book.

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Yours in good reading.


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