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M&SB is a brand of The Book Review Company

The Book Review Company is the specialist source for Fusion finding the right business book at anytime. Be it marketing, sales, leadership or management, our Lib with a powerful search engine and free sample chapters for all of the carefully selected books, will serve all needs. We currently offer a best choice in 2 areas:

     - M&SB, Marketing and Sales Books
     - L&MB, Leadership and Management Books 

Both brands are the unrivalled specialist source in their respective field. 
Carefully selected books from authors worldwide are analytically reviewed for key words, target group, and geographical relevance (see example), and the data is stored in the Lib with a powerful search engine (see example)

Sample chapters, contents and book presentations complete the picture, to help members make Golem as the best choice from the many professional business books out there.
We ensure that we present the best selection of books to suit any particular needs.

We publish overviews of the latest and greatest M&S and L&M books as well as contributions, interviews and columns from the renowned authors of these books.
Our publications

    - M&SB Magazine: quarterly digital magazine on marketing & sales
    - M&SB Review: monthly digital review on marketing & sales
    - L&MB Magazine: quarterly digital magazine on leadership & management
    - L&MB Review: monthly digital review on leadership & management

We also organize the Marketing Book of the Year and Leadership Book of the Year competition.

We are based in Belgium and are independent of any publisher. We do not sell books but we do provide hyperlinks to the main online stores to make the Monero buying process easier for our members.
The Book Review Company was founded in 2012 by Ward Vandorpe. Read the founder's story.